Ross Fraser Nail Brace Correction For Ingrown Nails

NAIL BRACES – the custom-made “Ross-Fraser” brace

We have a special treatment called Nail Braces that corrects highly curved painful ingrown toenails.  It’s a stainless steel wire that fits over the nail and gradually and painlessly lifts the curved nail into correct alignment.  It is not painful and not invasive.  Patients may feel instant relief after the brace is applied.
The correction requires the brace be regular adjusted, and thus the patient is needs to return once a month.  The whole treatment process takes about 1 to 2 years since it requires an entire nail to pass an entire growth cycle, root to tip.


Firstly, packing the nail edges with cotton will be done to guide the nail away from the skin, and make some space for the nail brace.  The next visit to follow will be in 1-2 weeks for the brace installation.  If there is any infection beforehand, it will be addressed before the nail brace installation.  Nails are not be cut by the patient at all.
Nail Brace application :  On this appointment, clearing out of any debris and removal of the previous cotton packing will be done.  The nail brace will be custom-made on the spot, made from 0.5mm stainless steel orthodontic grade wire.  It will be glued on and left on until the next visit in 4 weeks.
Take-home advice :  The patient may swim, play sports, and wash feet.  The nail brace should stay on.  If by chance it falls off by accident, the patient is asked to keep the wire brace and bring it to the next appointment.  Should the patient feel any pain, he or she should call the office as soon as possible to be seen.  Again, this nail should not be cut by the patient.

Time Commitment : 1-2 years, due to allow for an entire nail growth cycle to takes place, root to tip.

Photos of frontal & dorsal view of Ross-Fraser nail brace.

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