Ingrown Nail Correction

"Onyfix" is a Health Canada “Medical Device, Class 1” medically safe resin designed to correct painful ingrown toenailsOnyfix works by gradually lifting the curved nail into a flatter shape without pain.  No surgery is involved.  One or more applications of the Onyfix is needed to achieve this correction.  Time commitment is:  the entire growth cycle of the nail and this depends on the individual.  It varies from about 9 months to 2 years in treatment length.  It will be regularly monitored monthly to bimonthly, whereby some more applications of Onyfix may be added, depending on the nail’s response.

Treatment Protocol :  If there is any current bacterial soft tissue infection, it will be addressed before the Onyfix application.  Onyfix may be applied to a fungal nail of 50% or less infected.
Application :  Preparation of the nail by cleaning and roughening of the nails and then the Onyfix primer is applied.  There are two forms of Onyfix resin:  hard and soft. Hard Onyfix form is applied as a full band, sized 2mm high by 2mm long along the width of the nail, and is placed just next to the cuticle.  This is a full band and is noted as a “full composite”.  Hard Onyfix may be used for immediate pain relief at the distal corner of an ingrown nail, as a half band or “half composite”. Soft Onyfix is applied to small nails, over of the entire nail plate, and is a “full composite”.

Visits :  First visit involves the initial application of Onyfix (hard or soft).  Then a nail trimming visit is recommended every 4 to 8 weeks. 

Patient Requirements :  After its application, the treated nail must be kept dry for 24 hours.  Afterwards, regular bathing is allowed.  Avoid squeezing of the nail sideways, wearing tight footwear, like cleats, skates, and pointy toe shoes.  If it comes off or pain occurs, the patient is asked to return as soon as possible.  Patients should not tamper with or remove the Onyfix device or trim the nail by themselves.

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Photos of top and front views of Onyfix medical device.

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