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Ingrown Toe Nails

An ingrown nail is a nail whose sides dig into their neighbouring flesh, which may become very painful, may infect the flesh. They are sometimes created by improper or incomplete nail trimming.  They may also develop from wearing tight shoes, from injuries, or even fungus.  Some are present at birth, being very wide or highly curved.  If left untreated, they may cause sore, swollen, red, and infected skin which may grow over the ingrown toenail. 

Treatment options depend on the severity and type of nail.  In most cases, treating ingrown toenails is simple: soak the foot in warm, salted water twice a day and visit your chiropodist to have the nails carefully trimmed and cleansed.  Antibiotics (topical cream or oral pills) may be advised.  For others, a long term solution of nail surgery is advised.  And for many a new alternative is nail bracing.  Nail bracing is a way of correcting the shape of a highly curved nail back into a flatter nail gently. 

Ms. Chow is one of the few chiropodists in Ontario who is medically trained for both types of braces: "Onyfix" resin and "Ross-Fraser" metal braces.  Please read more on Onyfix device Ingrown Nail Correction and on Ross-Fraser Nail Brace.